Prerequisites for a utopian government:

Prerequisites for a utopian government:

 1)      The constitution would have a bill of rights that would enumerate all the rights of the people.  Every right necessary for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness would be listed.

2)      The constitution would specify that the ONLY right of government is to protect the rights of every citizen.

3)      The representatives would be selected randomly from a pool of literate and educated people thus guaranteeing that every profession, race, color and creed is proportionately represented.

4)      The judicial system would not punish.  The judicial system would cause fair restitution.  Minimal prophylaxis would be used, when necessary, to minimize harm to citizens.

5)      The majority of the people or representatives could NOT vote to spend money on anything that did not benefit all equally.


Additional prerequisites for some utopian city-states:

1)      No company could have more than five employees or make more than fifty times the average wage.

2)      No products made by any large company outside of the city-state could be brought into the city state.

3)      Companies can work together to complete large projects.

4)      All the people must be taught to recognize truth and accurate logic.

5)      All the people must make the effort to achieve and maintain high levels of mental and physical health.

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