Why Most Democracies will Never Create a Utopia.

Most democracies will never create a utopia.

Government is what the majority wants it to be.  There is only ONE government for all of us.  Only one set of laws, one tax code, one court system, one police system, one president, two senators, etc.  If the majority voted for a car that their government would make, it might be a black 1968 VW.  Would you buy a black 1968 VW if you had an alternative?

I’m convinced that any truly Utopian government would have options, or at least, a few Utopian states that were totally different from each other.

When you think about government in terms of the blandness/sameness created by a majority vote, then the expression “United we stand, divided we fall” becomes false.  Truly the strongest government may be the government that nurtures differences.

There is NO part of government created by the majority that I desire;  my passion is for a utopia where we can all have the government we want.

Isn’t capitalism a democratic idea?  In a capitalistic economy we vote with our dollars – until a monopoly gains control and gives us only one product.  The optimal society would have many small businesses and many small governments.  Furthermore, any imported products would be only from small businesses that adhere to the principles adhered to by the Utopian businesses.

It’s plausible that a democracy of some type could maintain a Utopian civilization, but could NEVER create one.

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