The Venus Project

 Sea City from The Venus Project:


Sea City from The Venus Project

The Venus Project has some worthwhile ideas about one possible version of a utopian settlement.   I, however, think it is too costly and too socialistic in that it does away with money.   I feel that capitalism is like an auction that allows others to pay only what something is worth.  The Part of capitalism that I object to is having capital play such an important role.  I object to the stock market and large banks.  The structure of small businesses that America had during the 1800’s were more ideal.  People of that era loved the independence that owning their own farm or small business gave them.  The owners of small businesses were a very respected group in the 1800’s.CEO?  What CEO (who is a non-founder) is respected?  Buffet, Gates and Perot founded their own companies.

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