Utopian Azimuths

A Utopian Azimuth is a goal for perfection.  An example of a Utopian Azimuth would be to have a justice system that would never incarcerate an innocent person or let a guilty person go free.

It is a lofty goal and one that has never been achieved anywhere in the world.

Another example of a Utopian Azimuth would be to have a system of commercial aircraft that would fly anybody anywhere in the world without a fatal accident.

We have had years when this goal has been achieved.

Azimuths are perfection.  Perfection can never be achieved, but perfection can continually be sought.  Perfection can be approached.  We can get closer and closer to perfection.

If a government isn’t striving to achieve perfection in all things, then it is broken.  If a government doesn’t have perfect azimuths, then it will not only never achieve perfection, but will get more and more dystopian over time.

The first test of a government is to ask what their Utopian goals are.  If the answer is that “Utopia is impossible” or “Utopia is socialism” or anything but a direction and an effort to achieve perfection, then that government is dystopian.  If a candidate has no utopian goals or if those goals don’t apply to everybody, then that candidate is dystopian.

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