The World of Today, or the World of Fun & Love

I’m an anti republican, anti democrat, anti liberal, anti conservative, anti Limbaugh, anti gun, anti court, anti one percent, anti monopoly, anti government, anti socialist, anti communist, anti skeptic, anti capitalist, anti democracy, anti dictatorship, anti law, anti blame, anti punishment, anti tax, anti force, anti super rights and anti war.

I’m for maximum fun, maximum love, maximum sanity, for kindness, for politeness, for justice, for restitution, for prophylaxis, for maximum liberty, for maximum freedom, for maximum health, for equal rights, maximum employment, maximum opportunities, for proportionate responses, fair and equitable exchanges, maximum honesty, maximum truth, maximum morality, maximum logic, maximum education and maximized environment.

The world today focuses on the process and the groups of paragraph #1.   The world I love focuses on the results and conditions of paragraph #2.  No, paragraph #1 does not lead to paragraph #2.  Paragraph #2 has lead to paragraph #2.

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