Consultants were Busy during the Clinton era

This is how hiring a consultant stimulates the economy:

  • The consultant uses the airlines to fly back and forth to their job on a weekly or biweekly schedule.
  • The consultant rents a motel room or other lodging away from home.
  • The consultant uses eats meals at restaurants.
  • The head-hunter gets paid.
  • The consultant hires others to paint and maintain his home and other real estate.
  • The consultant hires lawyers to take care of things previously overlooked.
  • The consultant invests his money and dreams of ways to start his own business.
  • The consultant spends money on his children’s educations.
  • The consultant spends money on his children.
  • The consultant spends money trying to start his own business.  Although he fails 90% of the time the economy is stimulated by the effort.

Many American businesses are stimulated including his employer.


  • Give the money to the super rich to buy gold
    gilded things and museum pieces.


  • Give the money to the poor and they will buy
    stuff manufactured in Asia, thus stimulating the Asian economy and causing
    their government to give our country loans via the purchase of Tbills.

Consultants were very busy during the Clinton administration.  The debt was reduced.  Employment was high.

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