Utopian Recreation

Timeshares make the worst investments. If you buy a deeded timeshare, you will be stuck paying for a vacation week for the rest of your life.  Many people turn in their deeded timeshare just to unload them; they see the yearly fee as a curse.  You may pay $40,000 for a deeded week and yet find the resale value is zero.

However, timeshares are the best places to stay during vacations. They are very utopian. Timeshares provide a great place for a family to stay; a family isn’t stuck in a single (and expensive) room for a week as they would be if they vacationed from a hotel room.

You can get both the luxury and low prices of owning a timeshare if you click on the following link: Utopian Recreation.  There are no obligations with buying a week.  You just give your name at the front desk and you will be escorted to your room.  There is NO obligation to see a timeshare sales pitch and NO other fees.  OK, perhaps there is a tax.

Free is not perfect.  Would you want to live in a place that tramps, drunks and homeless people live?  No, of course not!  Spending $750 for a two bedroom villa is not
something the homeless can afford.  It is something that the average person can afford.

If you want utopian vacations, click on Buy Vacations at the top of this page or click on Utopian Recreation.

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