Solutions for the American economy

Solution to the American economy:  More American Jobs.

No kidding you say!  Every idiot knows that more jobs would mean more tax revenues which would then lead to a lower national debt and other good things.  That’s a no brainer, but just were are these jobs going to come from?

Solution to the American job creation:  Balance.
What are you smoking, you say.  I suppose we could balance out the salaries, that would stimulate the economy.   I suppose we could balance out the trade deficit, that would imply more jobs.  Balance of wealth means the money is in the hands of more people so the taxes are higher, the spending is higher, government spending on unemployment compensation, welfare, and Medicare, are less while tax revenues are higher.  Ya, I suppose balance would do it.  Either making Doctors, lawyers, bankers, entertainers, and politicians make less or making the manufacturing and agricultural sectors make more would create more balance.  But all this is impossible, everybody knows this.

Solution to the American job creation:  Balance in China and the World
Another Utopian solution, you say.   Ya, if you had unions in the rest of the world to keep the wages of the Chinese workers high instead of communism being used to suppress the wages of the worker, you would our own workers wouldn’t have to compete with slave labor.   Not only that, but they would have more money with which to buy American products.

Why do world rulers want to suppress the workers of the world, you ask?  What do they get out of it?

I don’t know…

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