Is This the Age of Intolerence?

Is this the age of intolerance for beliefs and ideologies?   Frequently heard is the term “Zero Tolerance” spoken with conviction as if there is no other way.   Republicans think theirs is the only correct way.  Democrats think their ideology is the only way.  Many are intolerant towards Scientologists.  Muslims (some) are intolerant of Christians and Westerners.   Judges are intolerant of everyone that has beliefs different than the law or even their narrow interpretation of the law.  Gun lovers dislike those with no affection towards guns.  The police and government openly use and embrace terms of intolerance like felon and sex offender.  If you think that any of the above is OK, then you are probably one of the intolerant. 

In Washington, the Republicans and Democrats stay apart like oil and water.  They never vote on the same issues.  They always speak poorly of the other.  Democrats hate Bush and ridicule Sarah Palin.  Republicans ridicule Obama and Gore.  They fail to see their own intolerance as prejudice.  Our leaders fail to understand that they are not only acting in a bigoted way, but are in total acceptance of their own prejudiced behavior.

Prejudice is defined as:

1)    An adverse opinion or leaning formed without just grounds or before sufficient knowledge

2)    An irrational attitude of hostility directed against an individual, a group, a race, or their supposed characteristics

Ever hear people say a Liberal (or Conservative) believes blah-blah?   Or that a Liberal (or Conservative)  is blah-blah?   Those statements are irrational because the definitions of  Liberal (or Conservative) are different depending on viewpoint.  Each side has a different description of themselves than that painted by the intolerant party.  Republicans and Democrats are not people that believe in their own dogma, but people that have dogma chosen for themselves that are not supposed to alienate others of the party sufficiently to cause defection. 

People are made prejudiced by:

1)       Depersonalizing others or another group/party by calling them a name.

2)      Defining that name in an irrational or derogatory manner.

3)      Using that slur to describe your opponent in all future speech.



Prejudice starts with our leaders.  Look no further than Nazi Germany or the Early government of America.  In fact, look throughout history at prejudice and you will find government leaders and Judges at the forefront of ALL prejudice.  Also understand that the people are the last to recognize the prejudices of their own governmental leaders.




Is this site is intolerant of government and their leaders? Remember that this is a blog.  Relevent facts and rational comments are always welcome.   Unfortunately, most comments get flagged as spam because the comment is too short and has a URL.
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