A few thoughts about Job Creation in USA

Fact: People have the right to life and the necessities thereof.
Fact: People have the right to own property.
Fact: People have the right to a government that doesn’t discriminate.

Corollary: We need as many jobs as there are people that wish to work.
Corollary: If a government program – like free trade – diminishes jobs, they need to be replaced by government programs. {Unfortunately, a tiny majority of economists and politicians still think that free trade (trade without tariffs) does NOT cause job shrinkage. Protectionism has become a bad work as Americans have been lead to believe we are so superior that we can out produce those willing to work for less than a dollar an hour.}

Government should propose a few pie charts of the way they are going to spend OUR money and WE should vote on the chart we favor. Personally, spending money on home security and police is my least favorite way of creating jobs. To be fair, manufacturing and farming need more government money (or tariffs).

Should the USA spend a dime on manufacturing to return a quarter worth of taxes or do we spend a dollar on government jobs to return a quarter worth of taxes? It seems like a no-brainer. Money spent on manufacturing and farming produces a positive return.

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