Beer Summit: Obama had it right!

Gates didn’t start the problem.

Obama didn’t start the problem.

The problem was the cop entering the home, the handcuffs, and the charges. Let’s face it, Americans have been sheltered from the 20 million arrests that happen each year. Americans don’t stop to think that Americans have NO real rights during arrests (just the dubious right to remain silent). Americans don’t know that they can be arrested in their own homes without any search warrant. Americans don’t know that they can be charged with years in jail for struggling with the police. Americans don’t realize that they shouldn’t talk to police (without a good lawyer). Americans don’t realize that they should just be a rag doll during the arrest and take whatever beating the police dish out (the courts shield the police from your attacks legal or otherwise).

The arrest procedure IS the problem!
American stupidity (about arrest procedure and practice) IS the problem!

Obama had it right. The police are stupid and behave stupidly. Furthermore, the rest of America is stupid for wearing blinders for so long.

Americans have the duty to video all arrests. Video clips rule!

Beer Summit

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  1. Robert says:

    Perhaps a half year later, but this case brings on a concept not really understood by either side of the fence in regard to law enforcement and public safety. I will first say that the arrest situations need addressing severely. I, once, was arrested on a say so by an in law who claimed I hit her, when the real motive on her part was that she was mad at her sister(my wife). I did not ( and have not struck a woman) strike her. Her shoving me was enough to constitute Me having Contact with her. The cops assumed DV automatically. It was not taken into consideration that the alleged occurrence took place at another persons house 27 hours earlier, and that upon approaching me in my home I was lying down for the night (1030pm). No commotion, no problems. If I would have called before her, she would have went is what the police said to me. Case has been settled and I spent no more than 1-1/2 days in jail, and should not have even done that since the occurrence was not true. I understand that the police need certain authorities and protections as it is a dangerous profession no matter how mild the society. But our individual rights have been trampled upon in regard to the police having the ability to arrest you for anything they label PC, and even knowing you are innocent they can still hold you for 24 hours. In a Utopian Society there will also be laws. To make it be a “better ” place as is the goal for a Utopia (actually correctly – Eutopia, as Utopia means No place), then restraints on enforcement need to be carefully balanced with the ability for a person to be held against their will without proof of guilt. Especially in cases of murder, or threatening, etc. One of the failures of past Utopian societies was a human factor called “greed”. It is a part of every person naturally. From the factor of greed is other branchings as “power”, “control”, “wealth” “possessions” and even “lust”. These branchings lead to abuses in personal and governmental relationships. As even now it occurs. So a mindset must be instilled in all members of a Utopian Society to understand that factors such as greed must be erased completely to remove the results as such may be crime and subsequent abuses by police in controlling crime occurrences. The same can be said for lawsuits and other legal matters. Once greed is erased, fair play becomes automatic. In simple terms if bad things don’t happen, then there is no need for something to control the bad things. Therefore, in a society in which crime does not occur amongst it’s citizens, then the police can focus their attention on simply protecting the citizens from outside activities that would be harmful. So, in self governing even, there needs to be, at times, some interference to protect life and limb and ensure that real justice is meted out appropriately. One of the biggest incarceration numbers is the amount of low level, victimless crime type inmates. Some caught with a small amount of marijuana or simply other misdemeanors that really do not require removing the person from society for society’s sake. Instead, it becomes only a means of controlling a persons behavior based on other peoples ideals. And then only for a short period, but enough to make it hard for the person to begin life again, gaining employment and such. In our society today, 3 months in jail can be enough to make it so you will not get any type of good job no matter how qualified you are. Paid the price supposedly when you got out, but not as far as the rest of society is concerned. So where is justice, and how can it be refined into being a fabric of a Utopian Society, one which is a strong binder? It must be done through education, value education at most. Not in terms of monetary value per se. But more in terms of relative value. Beginning with -what is the value of freedom? Then on down the chain to where even products are valued in other than terms of money. Within this value system lies a simple eraser for greed. To truly understand that in terms of money alone, an objects value depends upon how much the merchant can obtain from its sale. Being such that if it were expressed in other terms, perhaps price wars and inflation would not occur. Therefore, any gain associated from labor/sales/etc. would therefore become stabilized in as much as everyone knows the true value of that which they may desire, and thereore greed will disappear once the person knows the value is attainable at some future date if not obtainable now. The “price” never really goes up.
    I will diverge for a moment to illustrate further, but outside law issues. I value things already on hours worked in relation to purchases able to make. In such, I understand that if I want to buy a pack of cigarettes for $5.00 and I get paid $15.00 per hour, then I must work twenty minutes that day to receive enough pay to purchase that pack. This same concept is applied to evrything from rent/mortgage to utility bills to groceries and even gas. To get to work, one must provide fuel for the vehicle which brings them there and back. If you put $50.00 a week in the tank you must work for 3 hours and 20 minutes to get that gas. But when the gas prices fluctuate, the amount of gallons becomes variable. So the above being due to monetary terms. If in another system, you would know every week that you would
    work 3 hrs and 20 minutes to buy 50 gallons of gas a week, thereby making gas 1 dollar a gallon also. Never changing unless the relationship between earning power and purchases change accordingly.A free market society allows for price fluctuation on supply and demand based upon speculation in many cases and makes prices go up and down (mostly up). This is attributed to greed. Their greed in turn prompts other greed which prompts thefts, vandalisms, and in some cases even killings. In a Utopian free market society, many may be involved in the same game, but the actual monetary price never really changes. So there is no need to play the greed one upmanship game. That will also flatten an economy in such that it would also become difficult to gain more than the next due to the equalization of products manufactured and sold.
    Now to get back on the law issue. If the foregoing divergence lends anything to this issue it would be that crime would be diminished in areas involving coveting thy neighbors goods. Value placed in society along lines of religious principles or even in common respect terms would further decrease greed and want in matters other than with goods and services. Such as in cases of adultery, or jealous spouses, etc. A common theme of respect among citizens would begin with such things as respect for oneself in all manners, including Health, Diet, Exercise, etc. In as much as each person does there utmost to remain fit and healthy there is a great likelihood that one persons spouse is just as good looking as anothers, then matters of the heart and mind can play out the values each places on their union solely without the interference of Lust. This would be excepting things such as birth defects, disease or mutilations from accidents, as none are within a person’s control. But, nonetheless, it would be up to the Society to somehow provide for the needs of such person aside from these issues. With respect to such things as above, crime slowly disappears, thereby making the need for “law enforcement” to trample upon someones right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness totally unnecessary and possibly become a crime in itself.
    Ensuring that mindsets are in the proper place will do much to thwart police abuse in society. Therefore a Utopian Society must also hold education high as well as certain moral values. This includes family and childraising values.
    Once all elements of society are in place, then having Stupid Cops doing Stupid things won’t exist. No need for a Beer Summit.
    Check out my website listed above. Eutopian Democratic Party and Society. Working towards a better America.
    You will find some writings from time to time which indicate “my” thoughts on societal function and essence. As I said, “my” thoughts. I am not opposed to others or their tweaking mine. The goal is “United States of Eutopia”. And all having a say.

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