Obama Said Cambridge Police Were Stupid

See the video where Obama said Cambridge Police Were Stupid

A similar thing happened in my family. A policeman broke in to my families’ house without cause (unless being in a rage is cause), pulled his gun and stated (in the police report) that he would have shot a family member except that another member of the family stepped in front of the gun (the cop was not angry with this family member). The cop did fabricate charges that were sufficient to have put two family members away for a total of seven years, but they were all dismissed because they only happened as the result of the cops’ illegal warrantless entry into my families’ house which precipitated justifiable anger.

My family is Caucasian. Apparently the police have equal opportunity stupidity at times. I applaud Obama for his statement and hope that further public comment on excessive and unjustified use of force by the police ensues.

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