Remember the America of 1776!

The vogue form of capitalism emphasizes monetary investment in stocks, bonds, T-Bills, real estate, commodities and precious metals. This requires reading volumes of paperwork prepared by people like Madoff. This entitles CEOs, big corporate lawyers, financial investors and monopolistic foreign corporations. Lots of fun. It makes the creation of wealth the sole goal. Morality is totally back burner as is fun. Competition is actually non-existent.

The former form of capitalism emphasized the ownership of small businesses and small farms. Owners used to take great pride in their little companies. People respect the small business and farm owner like no other. But this style of capitalism has been replaced by a capitalism that doesn’t produce anything but paperwork. In the name of productivity, entire nations have been rendered sterile and not productive.

Is it better to go to war with a country that can manufacture tanks, or a country that can produce paperwork, laws, lawyers and confusion?

Is the production of documentation a sign of strength, or a sign of weakness?
The vogue form of capitalism favors free trade that sacrifices not only domestic productivity, but all the regulations (regarding safety, etc) and all the unions (that protect the domestic worker). Current society is in favor of having monopolistic unregulated foreign business do all the production. Current society would rather incur fantastic national debt and pay staggering unemployment compensation over, shudder, tariffs.

As bad as current governments are, they should control their own destiny and protect the rights and ambitions of their own citizens rather than allow themselves to be controlled by foreign dictatorships that control their debt and everything they buy as well as all their jobs.

This ultra liberal is really an ultra conservative who prefers to return to the days of tariffs, small federal government, small police forces, small businesses and small farms. This ultra liberal finds the government of 1776 to be more liberal and modern than our present fascistic, money centered state.

Let our present regime/government allow foreigners steal our software, copyrights, movies, songs and jobs. In fact, let’s give tax incentives to aid the pillage, rape and plunder. Let’s pay our politicians to destroy our nation!

This ultra liberal likes the ultra conservative idea of returning to the small government of 1776 complete with prosperous small businesses and small farms.

Of course there would be no slavery and woman would have the right to vote. They would also have the right to own their own farms and small businesses as well! I mean really own! Not just stock. Not just bonds. They, all of us, could own, run and control our own small business!

The crash of the early 1900s was due to a Ponzi scheme whereby investors could borrow money to buy stock with little down. The crash of the early 2000s was due to a Ponzi scheme whereby investors could borrow money to speculate on real estate with little down. It’s easy to fix both problems – just require substantial down payments.

Viva America of 1776!

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