Letter from Reader

To My Representative:

A hundred times a day I pray that God destroys the American government. Sans Bush, I would still pray for the dissolution of government – especially the government of Massachusetts.

My fundamental upset is that government doesn’t bother finding out the facts behind my hundreds of reasons for dissatisfaction with government. I assume I am not alone with my dissatisfaction of government. Pandora’s box of government problems can’t be fixed if they are ignored, suppressed, or invalidated before being tabulated, published and understood.

All year, day after day, I get new reasons for hating government to the extent that I pray 100 times a day that God destroy our government. Outsourcing government would be an acceptable form of destruction.

My second major fundamental reason for having contempt for government is that every time this government punishes one person, many others are punished. Punishment is like a rock thrown into a pond. It spreads like the ripples across the smooth surface of a pond in which a stone has been thrown. A marijuana plant is discovered outside the office where my tenant works. The resulting legal problem is expensive. He pays his rent late. My real estate agent loses his license over a dispute with a section 8 tenant. He doesn’t pay me what he owes me and I can’t get new tenants. See how the punishment of others spreads like the ripples in a pond?

The family has to take by son to work because he lost his license due to the combination of a recently expired license, a six-year-old DWI for which he was previously punished, and a new rather feeble reckless driving allegation. His punishment affects the whole family, all his friends, his workplace, and everybody we know. See how the punishment of others spreads like the ripples in a pond?

A Lynnfield cop breaks into my home without proper exigent circumstances, according to the judge. The cop sprays mace on my son’s girlfriend. She screams. My son pushes the cop away. My son gets charged with three felonies and several traffic violations. His girlfriend gets charged with a felony for dropping her keys on the cops’ foot. My son goes to jail for five days without bail, eats raw chicken and sleeps on the floor because he had a baseball bat in the back seat of his car.

My ex wife pays $20,000 in legal fees. A year is wasted. Lives are destroyed for a year. The whole family learns to hate government. I pray 100 times a day for God to justly destroy the American government. See how punishment – especially disproportionate punishment – spreads it’s curse like a disease?

Expanding on my second major fundamental reason for contempt of American government: the American government has no known guiding principles or rational for punishing people.

· What does this government expect punishment to do?
· What are the purposes of punishment?
· When is punishment correct?
· What is disproportionate punishment?
· Isn’t punishment that is proportional to the loss and injury caused proper?
· Isn’t restitution the prime objective of punishment?
· Isn’t gentle prophylaxis for repeat offenders the proper example to set?

Massachusetts’s justice is so inept that our courts not only don’t mitigate rage, but also increase it. With the problems I see in America, it’s obvious why we can’t establish a stable government in Iraq. We aren’t solving the rage in Iraq; we are fanning it and increasing it!

To sum up:
· This government is a mess.
· We need facts gathered and published.
· We need guiding principles written and adhered to.

This country has other fundamental problems with taxation, voting, representation, jobs, the economy, management, decision making, and basic hierarchical philosophy that I might publish later.

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