Life in Independence One, a Utopian City-State IV

George, the candidate we were watching was found guilty of cocaine procession and about to be incarcerated. We knew that the drug charges were false. We knew that George was an innocent man.

Four months ago George was dating the same beautiful woman as a cop. The cop, being naturally suspicious, one night staked out his girlfriend at her apartment. He parked his stakeout vehicle, a rented car with dark windows, diagonally opposite her house. He watched George arrive at her house. The mutual girlfriend and George left her house together to dine and see “Beauty and the Beast”. After a romantic evening, George brought the mutual girlfriend home and left.

The cop then followed George home. There he planted cocaine (from the evidence room) in George’s car. The cop made an anonymous call to the police. George was arrested and charged with felony cocaine procession.

My boss just requested that I not write anymore about these clandestine activities at this time. I will say that the Utopian States decided to send a team of crack specialists to get George out of trouble. Rest assured that they will succeed – one way or another.

The rest of the day I spent looking at video interviews and reports of young coaches which will be needed to teach our young players. I also watched video of their teams as they crushed their opponents. There is so much unrecognized talent and potential in the world.

It’s time to vote. Have to go.

You should assume that this is fiction. To be continued…

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