Life in Independence One, a Utopian City-State

The noise of pounding hammers woke me from a sound sleep. I stumbled out of bed. The sun was shining. The clock on my bureau said 8:00 AM. Looking out the window I looked at the several new houses that were being built. The noise of hammering was coming from construction on the adjacent lot.

I could see a group of 25 runners coming up the road. They were dressed in sweat shirts and pants. They were young, healthy and quite happy. They chanted something about “… But warming them up is mighty nice” as they passed.

Athletes from around the world were pouring into Independence One to join the semi-pro leagues. Most of these athletes had never before been given the proper opportunity to prosper and flourish outside of Independence One. The poorest of these semipro athletes were happy to live in barracks or dormitories where they enjoyed a great camaraderie with their teammates and female athletes from other teams.

I was drinking one of my morning cups of coffee and watching the cheerful activity around Independence One. Judy, right on schedule, ran by at 8:11. She was a middle aged nudist in her mid thirties. She had a nice figure and was pleasing to watch. I had previously looked at the Independence One web site to see if any had reported her nudity as improper. None had. Although there are few laws in a Utopian City-State, too many reports of impropriety will get a person a hearing where he or she will have to promise to change their objectionable behaviour.

A Utopian City-State watches their citizens very closely, but very seldom acts to restrain. If restraint is needed, you know it was merited. Such is the respect for Independence One, that any call for a hearing for excessive reports of improper behaviour brings tearful compliance from the reported. However, improper behaviour one year may not be considered improper the next; laws defining improper behaviour are themselves improper.

As you can report someone for improper behaviour, you can also report someone for a desired behaviour. One positive report cancels one negative report. The web site requires that you keep your positive and negative reports balanced.

I smiled and waved at Judy as she passed. She gave me a little wave, continued up the road until she disappeared from sight. She was a nice lady.

I had to get ready for work. I had two jobs. I worked twenty hours a week on each. Monday and Tuesday I worked one job. Wednesday and Thursday I worked my second job. Each day I worked ten hours, but the commute time was short, so I was never tired. Most nights you could find me lingering at work long after I had completed my required hours and deeds. I only needed one job to survive, but I actually enjoye working here in Independence One.

Future hopes. To be continued…

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