America’s Class Structure

America’s class structure:

Aristocrats:  These elite people constitute 1% of the population of America, yet have 30% of the wealth.  They are worth about 18 trillion dollars or an average of 26 million per family (assuming that the wife and husband have equal wealth and that there are 2.3 dependents/family).

Upper Class:  These wealthy people (not including the Aristocrats) are the next wealthiest 20%.  These 60 million people have 50% of the wealth or about 30 trillion dollars.  They have an average wealth of 2.15 million per family.

Working Class:  This group works for a living.  They consist of 50% of the American population.  They have an aggregate wealth of 12 trillion dollars.  Most of this wealth is in their homes.  The average wealth per family is about $344,000 dollars for a family of 4.3 people.

Poor.  This group of people comprise of about 30% of the American population.  They have an average wealth of 5000 per person.

The working class is under attack.  There homes are in danger of going under water (worth less than the mortgage).  Their jobs are being outsourced or lost to imports from countries that don’t have to abide by the rules, laws and policy of the American government. Their products are being copied and plagiarized by countries that do not comply with copyrights and trademarks.  The working class is being increasingly harassed by the police and exploited by lawyers.  They are being thrust into competition with the slave labor of other countries that keep the currency pegged to the dollar in order to defeat capitalism and exploit those that trade freely.   Big corporations throughout the world make it impossible for the small businessman to have his own company.  The working class has once again been enslaved or, perhaps, has always been enslaved by the aristocrats and “upper crust”.

The poor are being prevented from moving up to the working class by the same forces that are suppressing the working class.  The middle class and the poor are the market for the goods and products of the aristocrats and ‘upper crust’, so they better take heed…

Almost forgot the prison class that aren’t really alive in that they aren’t even allowed to control their own bodies.  They can even be forced to lift their genitals so that the guards can see if they have hidden anything.  There are 2 million in this group of government controlled human bodies.  Indeed, this proves the insanity of the aristocracy and ‘upper crust’ as this treatment could never be considered ‘justice’ by any but the very insane/mad.  Justice is restitution and minimal prophylaxis for the causation of loss.  Justice is not long, long periods of incarcertion enforced by people with big egos and small brains.


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