Cause No Harm Constitutional Convention

A constitutional convention must be convened to establish “Cause No Harm” (the principle of doctors and their oath) as the basis for law and the constitution. Another way of expressing the purpose of the constitution is to “Protect Life, Liberty and the Pursuits of Happiness”.  The constitution should be designed to protect the Natural rights of the people to oxygen, water, food, shelter, reproduction, ownership, etc.

Currently a new coalition of the NRA, the KKK, and the police has arisen that compares with the Nazi party of pre WWII Germany. People of these groups are free to murder with guns without fear of reprisal or punishment. If the police merely say that they suspected that their victim was guilty, then they have the right to kill the suspect (proven by recent ‘Grand Jury’ decisions). They are also free to be bigoted, free to commit libel, and free to harass.

History teaches the result of inaction.

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  1. Guardian says:

    It is obvious that governments are evil. Multiple authorities toss the blame back and forth as in a game of ‘keep away’. The public is thus deceived by the great deceiver.

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