Amanda’s Innocence

Please click to see a very powerful video:  Judge Heavey on Amanda Knox’s Innocence

Judge Claudio Hellmann said there was “A substantive nonexistence of evidence” and found Amanda and Raffaele not just “Not Guilty – Insufficient Evidence” but he used the rarely used term of “Innocent: – Did Not commit the crime.” Amanda returned home after his trial.

But the Italian Supreme Court overturned the decision of his court and Amanda could potentially be extradited back to Italy.

This video debunks Dershowitz as an expert.  Dershowitz Debunked

This video is from a recent news show in the UK.  Each of Those DNA Tests has Exonerated Her  The Italian ‘Expert’ being interviewed says there is a lot of evidence.  Yes, there are, for example, ten pieces of evidence in addition to the mentioned DNA evidence that show reasonable doubt that the kitchen knife is the murder weapon.  This isn’t ‘A Lot’ of evidence for the prosecution.  This is ten pieces of evidence that each refute the knife as the murder weapon.  These are ten reasons for having reasonable doubt that the knife is the murder weapon.   Collectively they constitute 100% proof that the knife is NOT the murder weapon.

The probability that the kitchen knife is the murder weapon is probably less than .00000001=(.01)^4. The only reason that the defense would keep drawing attention to it is because it is a ‘Red Herring’ (a distraction). Mathematically the probability that the knife is the murder weapon are all the ‘reasonable doubts’ multiplied together. The reasonable doubts: Randomly picked, wrong size for the wounds, wrong size for the stain on the bed sheet, no blood, no cellular material, LCN DNA, not found at the murder scene, etc. They should remember that the highest probability is one.

This is the ‘connecting logic’: the probability that the kitchen knife is the murder weapon is zero (non-existent). Therefore, discussion of DNA on a non-existent murder weapon is a waste of time.

In the annals of false confessions, there are only two other cases that rival the Knox case: the Billy Wayne Cope case and the Norfolk Four case.  Project Innocence’s reason for the innocence of Amanda and Raffaele

The Italians are rudderless and clearly confused.

This is as dystopian as ‘justice’ gets.

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