Utopia Isn’t One Size Fits All!

The year was 1909 and mass production techniques had just started.  Henry Ford is quoted as saying: “Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black.”  People, however,  wanted their car painted in the color of their preference and soon vehicles of every imaginable color were rolling off the production line.

Utopia is a civilization that is nearly perfect for you and others that share your preferences.  You don’t want a compromise civilization dictated to you by others any more than you want only one choice in car color.  Don’t let governments tell you that they can’t give you a custom government.  That’s BS.  They are just protecting their power and vested interests.  Don’t listen to the one government people.

Suppose you could pick out the features/options of your new government the same way you could pick out the features/options of your next car.  What options would you choose?  What flavor of democracy would you want?  What are the rules of your capitalism?  What human rights are most important?  Perhaps you would want socialism or a benevolent dictatorship.  How do you want wealth distributed.  Do you want everybody to have the same wealth or do you want it the way it is in the USA with the top one percent possessing wealth equal to the poorest 95 percent? (see Wikipedia).  Perhaps you want a ten to one ratio in wealth where the richest have approximately ten times the wealth of the poorest person?  Do you want representative democracy as we have now (voting for a lawyer to vote for what you want).  Or perhaps you want a direct democracy via computers, a lottocracy, a plutocracy/aristocracy (what we have now).  What about a conceptology (a new idea)?  In a conceptology, you would vote for a book of 200 pages or less that describes a new plan.  Perhaps you want voters to prove their mettle before being voter qualified.

Design your own Utopia and send it to me via the contact form.  I will pay $100 for every unique and viable plan submitted and published by this site.  Include your name, address and phone number so that you can be paid.  Your contact information will not be published.  The offer is limited to the first few submittals.

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