Anti War Protest

Protest on 9_16_2007

Twenty five thousand to one hundred thousand protesters marched from the White House to the capitol to demand an immediate end to the occupation of Iraq. These people are heroes in an age of inactivity and government propaganda. Well done!

Protesters went up the capitol’s south lawn and up the stairs to confront the police. There was a “die-in” surrounding the Capitol. Iraq veterans conducted a ceremony to memorialize the fallen US soldiers and Iraqis. About two hundred protesters were arrested trying to deliver their anti-war massage to Congress.

Nearly 4,000 US soldiers and, possibly, up-to-1-million Iraqis have died since the US invasion in March 2003. More have died after they have been transported to hospitals outside Iraq and after initial treatment due to war related injury.

One poster showed a picture of Osama Bin Laden, accompanied by the words “He’s Free, Are We?” Hundreds of printed posters proclaimed the need to impeach George Bush and end the war.

It was a nice day to protest. I hope they had fun in the sun. I had fun hearing about their actions. Keep up the good work!

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