Boston Marathon bombings

I woke up crying twice last night over the death of the older Tsarnaev (a Boston Marathon bomber).  I remember his bullet riddled body (I’m entirely against assault weapons),  his three year old daughter, his wife and family here and in Russia/Chechnya.  The ‘face of evil’ that Kerry spoke of, once the smoke has cleared, is government.  Our own government, laws and discrimination (by giving super-rights to some, we discriminate and enable bigotry against others (perhaps the Tsarnaev brothers were discriminated against in the form of granting super-rights to others?)

I consider the Tsarnaev brothers to be the latest victims of government enabled bigotry.  I also don’t like inflammatory speech that brands them as ‘the face of evil’.  I also don’t like speeches that appeal to the pride, sympathy and emotion (like Obama’s recent remarks in Boston).

I don’t like government that listens like a brick.  (where is the government database of complaints, suggestions, and letters?)

Massachusetts has a ‘Murder Hot Line’ to see that any accused of murder get a lawyer appointed before they are interrogated.   Massachusetts also has no death penalty.  I hope Massachusetts law is respected and that torture and death penalties aren’t evoked in this case.

A potential solution is to let people form their own government elsewhere – as long as they vow to make it the job of their new government to protect the natural rights of the people.  Let them rent land from a government in lieu of taxes and for a nominal rent.  Since the average American generates a deficit, renting land for nothing would be a plus for the United States of America.  I think dissatisfaction arises when a government tries to force their morality (or lack of morality) on everybody.   The people that object strenuously to this solution should be shot (just kidding).  The Jewish people got their own state.  The American Indian got their own reservations.  This solution works.  This solution at least works better than war and shooting people.

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I’m no expert on Chechnya, so please add a comment if my comments seem non
sequitur.  I love humanity and meant no disrespect or callousness towards any of those suffering loss or injury.  I empathize with all.  The discussion of peaceful government reform is my only objective.

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