Lindsay Doesn’t Need to be Heroic

Prosecutors offered to end the 26-year-old actress’ probation violation/lying-to-the-police cases in exchange for 90 days under house arrest, after an initial plea bargain that would have required her spend six months in lockdown at a rehab facility.

Sources told the gossip news site that Lohan’s attorney is trying to negotiate a shorter amount of time under house arrest, but the troubled starlet still doesn’t think she did anything wrong, and is willing to face up to 19 months in jail if her case goes to trial.

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Lindsay Lohan’s best solution would be to pay the lawyers to show her the way out of the swamp.  They should point out where the poisonous snakes and crocodiles are.

It isn’t Lindsay’s job to drain the swamp.  The swamp (the courts, laws, and police) needs to be drained, but is not her job.  Lindsay doesn’t need to be heroic.

We need to stop electing lawyers to represent us if we want to clean up the legal system/courts and laws.  ‘Punishment’ should be proportional to harm done, for example.  Prophylaxis should be used for dangerous repeat offenders.  Morality should not be policed or regulated.  The court system should be fast, truthful and not used to enforce some ignorant politicians’ moral code (which is based on polls of his ignorant constituents)

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