Massachusetts is a One Party System

Massachusetts Republicans in office (From Wikipedia)

Membersof Congress

  • None

U.S. Senate

  • None (after Elizabeth Warren is sworn in)

Statewide offices

  • None

Four points define a volume, three points define a plane, two points define a line, one point defines only a point.

A true democracy, a democracy with volume, needs 4 political parties each supported with over 20% of the voters.  Massachusetts is run by only one political party.  Massachusetts, as a one party state, has no more of a democracy then those dictatorships where everybody votes only for the dictator or his party.

Even if Massachusetts had two viable political parties, they would still need two more to break the fallacy of too few choices.  Massachusetts needs four viable political parties, not two and certainly not one.  Having a two party system is not really a solution, Massachusetts and America needs four viable political parties – each supported with at least 20% of the population – to be a real democracy.  We are back to the days when we were represented by the English, when we said we had taxation without representation.

Our one party system, for example, has brought us a flat line tax where the billionaires pay a smaller percentage than the workers (who have to pay sales taxes).   The workers in Massachusetts need most of their income for necessities, property taxes and sales taxes.  The small percentage left over after the necessities is consumed by the flat tax.  Meanwhile the billionaires, with most of their money still left after spending for necessities, pay at the same rate.

The democratic party in  Massachusetts seems to represent the billionaires.  Republicans aren’t needed.  Is a one party system a democracy?

Lizzy Warren took an ax and gave Scott Brown 40 whacks.  I don’t like either party which is why I would prefer a four party system or a lottocracy.   Heck, put the class presidents of all the universities in a lottary and select our representatives from them.  The results would have to be better than what we have.


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