Musings About the Presidential Candidates and Their Parties

Obama has experience. Romney wants to be president because he wants to right the wrongs and give small business a chance to compete and hire people. Trouble is, both the Republican and Democratic parties are sick and stupid.

However, Mitt worked with the Democrats in Massachusetts.  I think he would suck up to the Democrats in Washington and lead the Republicans because they always follow.

The nation has worsened under both the Republicans and Democrats. Bush was good for Texas. Perhaps Mitt will be good for Massachusetts. Personally, I don’t care who is elected.   Furthermore, my vote won’t matter as Massachusetts will vote for Obama.  I want to vote against Warren.

 I don’t want $6 dollar a gallon gas and heating oil. That would blow all my plans and send me back to work. When I was young they talked about how bad central planning was in Russia. I think that no planning or stupid planning is worse. The Democratic plan of lowering unemployment by making jobs that are paid for by government is a flop. Goodbye America.

Both the economy and the environment have to be considered. Our elected stooges need the epiphany that they are far too ignorant to continue governing as they have in the last decade. As a nation, we have to have goals and budgets. The top 20 percent (those with family net worth’s over 1.2 million) can’t continue to have 48 trillion dollars as long as the USA is 16 trillion in debt. Furthermore, we can’t keep sending poor people to nursing homes that cost $300,000 per year. We’ve got to have budgets, priorities, and plans. Stamp out government ignorance!

No candidate has yet said what I want to hear let alone given sufficient assurances that his plan will be implemented. It’s a case of insufficient proof and promises versus insufficient proof and promises.

I expect my social security payments. I paid about half my earnings to local, state and federal government. I expected competence in the way they spent it. Even if I let bygones be bygones and forget their past transgressions, I still don’t expect to be made even partially responsible for their 16 trillion dollar debt.

This society has been designed so that dependence is necessary. I mean nobody can go out and shoot a buffalo to feed his family for the next week. Few have farms. Consequently we need jobs and government has been busy little beavers in diminishing jobs. Any type of dependence, whether by government created jobs, is going to increase government debt. There are only two solutions: 1) Make fair trade and obliterate free trade controlled by Dictators in China. 2) Take our surplus people to death camps like Hitler did.

I think plutocracy or czarism better define the upper crust in America.  The Democrats (Obama and Elizabeth Warren) are Lawyers from Harvard. The Republicans Protect the wealth of the rich like giant two headed dogs. This election is one of the aristocrats versus the plutocrats.   The Democratic Aristocracy of Harvard associated Lawyers, exemplified by Kerry, Obama and Warren, has voted to make laws that fleece the poor via legal expenses, high medical costs, outsourcing, destruction of the unions, and imports. They’ve also voted to drive up the debt which will be paid for by the middle class but benefits the opulent. Both parties pretend to help the lower 80%, but we keep getting worse off. The aristocracy and the plutocracy both represent the same people.

 I think a two party system demonstrates the fallacy of too few choices. Certainly a choice between an aristocracy and a plutocracy isn’t sufficient. Furthermore, I don’t believe that those with no money should dictate how the money should be spent (i.e. “Let’s vote that the rich give all their money to us” is not right)

 I would rather the house was split into three houses. One house would represent the top 25%, the second house would represent the middle 50% and third house would represent the bottom 25% (in terms of income). All the houses would be required to approve any legislation.

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