Why Democracy Will Never Work

OK, perhaps the question should be why this democracy and similar democracies will never work.

Democracy is a government where non-experts vote for non-experts to hire incompetent help. The fact that this type of government works at all is amazing.

Government is driven by a public that keeps complaining and patiently paying taxes until the job gets done. Government just keeps experimenting until the public stops complaining.

The system is insane. Take laws for example. Knowledge of the law is not a defense; people are supposed to know the law by osmosis or, perhaps, thought broadcasting. A belief in thought broadcasting is symptomatic of insanity, by the way.  If laws were taught and tested the way they are in order to get a driver’s license, that’s OK.  The people should know those laws because they have been taught and tested.  We should be responsible for knowing and obeying traffic laws.

People should also know that there are laws against stealing, murder, and harming others.

The victimless crimes and the untaught/untested laws are quite another story.  If government wishes to punish us for the millions of untaught/untested victimless crimes, then it is government that should be punished or sent to an insane asylum.

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  1. Guardian says:

    Mathematically, randomness can be utilized to create meaningful and accurate data. Real randomness can be removed by averaging to leave meaningful results.

    Such is the process of democracy. Democracy is the process of averaging randomness so that only only a meaningful process remains.

    The trouble is, democracy only effects the top one or two issues and the lesser issues always remain unsolved and unhandled.

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