No Taxation Without Sentient Representation!

The people reading this site are intelligent and think as the Patriots did.  They know government is horrible and need to discuss solutions, not bitch.

The readers know that voting is a sham because, in every campaign, all the important issues are ignored and dysfunctional solutions are given for the few never solved issues that are discussed in perpetuity – year after year.

The readers know that voting is a sham when the bulk of a campaign is name calling, misinformation, and unsubstantiated opinion.

The readers know that the only candidate worthy of a vote should present facts, figures, graphs, charts, reports and even experts.  Yes, the candidates should present economic experts and their reports.

World governments are a disaster.   The only government worthy of a passing grade is the government of Peru whose constitution mandates that: “The protection of the individual and respect for his dignity are the supreme goal of society and the government.”  The dozens of protected individual rights are enumerated in the following chapters of their constitution.

We need the lower 80% of the population – those whose families have assets of 2 million or less – to threaten a revolution if they are to be held accountable for government debt.

Stand up and  be Patriots.  Throw the candidates in Boston harbor – or any harbor – unless there is taxation with sentient representation.

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