The State of the State in a nutshell:

The state of the state in a nutshell:

  • American (US) bureaucracies and institutions do not help the average citizen; they are merely facades.
  • American laws avoid protecting the natural rights of American citizens.
  • American police frequently file charges only to prevent their own misconducts from being brought to the attention of the courts or the media.
  • The police usually never help solve crimes.
  • The police usually entrap ordinary citizens with vehicle related incidents in order to extort money or give the illusion of crime prevention.
  • The police criminalize the average citizen because criminals are too dangerous to pursue or difficult to catch.
  • The courts only grant a person a constitutional right if they have paid their lawyer a lot of money.
  • Prison and trials are cruel punishment.  Only circuitous reasoning justifies the process as not cruel.
  • Government bureaucracy deceives the politicians to give the illusion of valuable service.
  • Government gives the illusion that it protects the natural rights of their citizens.
  • Government thinks the economy is a perpetual motion machine.
  • The economic profession is broken.
  • Allowing a trade deficit is equivalent to thinking that bloodletting is good medical treatment.
  • Deficit spending is equivalent to thinking that bloodletting is good medical treatment.
  • Government and the banks ONLY decrease the money supply to varying degrees.
  • Social Security taxes are cloaked reverse progressive taxes (the middle class pays at a higher rate).
  • Most billionaires and CEOs are thieves.
  • Government sacrifices soldiers to their War God.
  • American jobs are sacrificed to the Gods of Wall St.
  • Timeshares are worthless as investments.

Typically citizens of other nations will say that these generalities apply to their own country as well.

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  1. tinygov says:

    Nations exist in spite of government, not because of them.
    Citizens are the slaves of government.
    Government can sacrifice their slaves (war), steal from them (taxes), or torture them (with regulations and false hope).

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