Why Billionaires are Stupid Beyond Belief

Billionaires have the ability to start a utopian civilization and they don’t even know it.  Not only do they not build the world a utopian civilization, they can’t even do it for themselves and their families.   Instead of building large utopian societies for everybody, they build little dystopian societies in the middle of a large dystopian society.  They are as disrespected as the Czars of Russia and don’t even know it.

  • People don’t need grand houses to be happy.
  • People don’t need a country with grand armies to be happy.
  • People don’t need to have a huge bank account to be happy.
  • People don’t need to achieve something that a million other people cannot in order to feel successful.
  • People don’t even need success to be happy.

Billionaires need to study the story of Peter Pan.

There are several models for happiness other than the ones we’ve seen.

I’m not going to provide the blueprint for free, because I want to be involved.  It is necessary that I’m involved.  Billionaires have seen life from the top down.  I have seen life from the bottom up.  I have traversed the bottom 80 percent.  My life has been spent living in the bottom eighty percent.  I know how to  be happy with little wealth.  I also know that wealth is good and the upward trend is good.  I also know that in this dystopia, some wealth is essential.

Soldiers are happy living in barracks.  Students are happy living in dormitories.  People are happy building things.

A Utopian civilization is kind of like gunpowder.  You mix the right ingredients together and granulate the mixture just right, provide a spark, contain the energy and you will get an explosion.  Utopia will explode into something wonderful almost overnight.  A billionaire has sufficient resources for ten powerful utopian city-states with thriving populations of ten thousand each.

Be a hero, or be a dufus (doofus).  The choice is yours.

Start a competition between billionaires to see who can build the best Utopian city-state.

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    I hope this works!
    Good luck and congratulations on a great idea.

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